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Welcome to Carthian Dreams, an online serial fantasy novel. The story is still ongoing, and is updated as new chapters are completed.

UPDATE    11/14/2018

It's been at least three years since the last update to this page, and the story, while not complete, has changed greatly since I first posted some of its chapters here.  Revisions changes some characters around, removed some, added others.  The basic story follows the same threads, but the details are quite different, and not what I originally intended.

As such, I had a bit of a problem: a story in progress here that doesn't match what the story actually is.  I'd rather finish what I'm working on in its current form before posting more of it, and in the meantime I don't want what is basically a rough draft sitting out here gathering dust (and let's be honest, I don't think anyone was actually reading the story here anyway.)

So, I've deleted what was here.  That content wasn't lost, I still have it backed up, but I'll be refraining from posting anything until the story is complete.  At that time I will publish it online, either here or elsewhere (with notification here if anyone was checking back here from time to time for updates.)  Until then, this site can be considered dead.

I apologize for the lengthy time without updates.  I went through several huge life changes, including an entire grad program, over the last several years.  I graduate from that program in about a month.  After that's done, I'll ahve a great deal more free time to devote to wrapping up what's left of the story.  It's at about 90,000 words now, and about 3/4 of the way done.


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