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Here are some maps of the regions I describe in the novel. I'll add more maps as the story progresses.

This is the northwest region of the old Kingdom of Eight. The region is dominated by the two large cities of Kazio and Orb's Rest. Nearby is the Battle Plain, location of the final battle between Kazath's Trollish army and the combined elvish and human forces who defeated them. The twin temples to the Titans Maiyou and Ranyam, as well as the pedestal of the Great Orb of the Heavens are also nearby. To the north east lies the watery grave of Archus That Was Lost, the great city of mages that was destroyed in the Cataclysm nearly a thousand years ago.

Further to the northwest, beyond the borders of this map, lies the Elvish kingdom of Rego. To the southeast lies the grassy plains of the Hyto-Tao.

This is the great plain of Hyto-Tao, the vast sea of grass that was sundered during the time of the Cataclysm. The western edge of this once continent spanning expanse is all that remains, now peopled by various tribes and villages in the shadow of the edge of the world. It is bordered on its southern edge by the High Wall.

This land was peopled by Kyzanthe stoneskins for hundreds of years after the Cataclysm, until Archine Pegason, first Baron of Hyth-Tao, wrested it from them and drove them into the far north, beyond the northern Smoke Sea. He established his Barony and set himself up as protector of the region. His descendants still hold this land and rule from a manor near to the ruins of Twin Palace, where the first, and last, monarch of the Unified Kingdom of Eight held his court in the days leading up to the Cataclysm. Pegason militia, drawn from the various villages and supported by their tax monies, still patrol the northern frontier and drive off any incursions by Kyzanthe seeking to regain their ancient lands.

Nearby, in a spur of the Wall, lies the home of the Western Dragons. A minor religious caste in ancient times, they were also sundered from their kin when the world was split, and are now the only Draconian race in the lands of the Kingdom of Eight.

This map details the western coast of the great ocean, south of Orb's Rest. The only pass through the Great Wall is guarded by Fort Cyrint, an outpost of New Synon, the island city saved by the dragons during the Cataclysm. They currently govern over the humans and human-dragon hybrids who live there.

Further south is Horabina, the great center of southern culture and civilization. It is a port for both sea and land trade, and merchants wanting to avoid the tolls at Cyrint will often take the more dangerous sea route directly to Horabina. This has created a bitter rivalry between the two cities.

Smaller towns dot the coast, most of them fishing villages, or dens of smugglers.

Just off the coast lie the ruins of Carthia, the great city of Unification. The council that unified the eight cities into the Kingdom of Eight and sat the monarch on his throne governed from this island. Its sheer cliffs make it completely inaccessable, as the great stairways and other magically created edifaces collapsed during the Cataclysm.

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