Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here are some of the characters who have appeared in the story so far, with brief descriptions.

POV characters so far:

ERINNIUS: A dragon.  She is a former priestess of the goddess Maivierial.
KAL'BARRE RO MYLHA DUR MEDROSA: A human farmer. He hails from the village of Medrosa.

ANDRIUS: A human wizard.  He is Erinnius’ husband.  Her magic has kept him alive for over one thousand years.
KIRON: A human mage.  He is enrolled at the University in the city of Orb’s Rest.

DARSENA: A human assassin. She possesses a strange power and a stranger past.

MONTGOMERY GEOFFREYSON: A human butler.  He is a trusted advisor and assistant to Lady Pegason of the Hyth-Tao.
TARA: A human farmer.  She manages a pig farm in the small village of Lochwarden, in the Duchy of Haven.

THE RED PILGRIM: A mysterious traveler of an ancient order.  No one knows much about him.
SCNADRA: A half-dragon warrior.  He is in command of Fort Cyrint and the border between Synon and the Northlands.

DEX: A human fisherman.  He is engaged to be married to Tara.
THE PURSUED: Someone who is being chased.

THE PURSUER: Someone who is seeking vengeance.

Other characters:
SINIRIUS: A dragon.  He is a priest of Maivierial and a caretaker of the Green Jewel.

SOUTH: A human woman.  Her village was lost to the Kyzanthe horde.
RADZIK: A human man.  His village was lost to the Kyzanthe horde.

MARJORIQUE: A human mage.  She is a student of the University and friend of Kiron.
RALPH: A troll bartender.  He lives in Cyrint.

JAKE: A gnome tinker.  He lives in Cyrint.

JULIA: An elf waitress.  She lives in Cyrint.
LADY PEGASON: A human lord.  She rules over the lands of the Hyth-Tao.

WILLITH: A human constable.  He commands Lady Pegason’s troops.
LORD HAVEN: A human lord.  He rules over the Duchy of Haven.

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